Asset and Security Labels in any size or shape

What is the difference between an Asset label and a Security label?
The answer is simple, tamper evidence. A security label or seal, is tamper evident, an asset label does not need to be. You need to ask “Do I need a tamper evident label”? A tamper evident or tamper proof label is usually used to show if a item has opened or tampered with, an example of this would be a PC, where you need to see if someone has opened the case and possibly removed circuits, memory etc. An Asset label is a label for tracking an item, usually used with a barcode and or sequential number with an asset.

I want a label that cannot be removed, what can you offer?
No label is permanent, but labels can be produced which are hard to remove and are tamper evident. Our standard UltraTuff labels use what is classed as a permanent adhesive, it is a very durable and strong adhesive. This results in your labels staying on the item and will not degrade like cheaper alternatives. Alternatively the adhesive can be made from a Ultra Destruct material, which fragments when picked at, this means repeated picking is required to remove the label.

Tamper-evident labels are an important means of stopping removal or any fraudulent activity. A good example of this can be seen on high value items such as electrical goods. A unique serial number can be printed onto a special destructible label stock which will fragment into tiny pieces if removal is attempted. By doing this, it prevents the transfer of the label onto another item. Labels can be positioned over a seal or screw-hole, it is possible to use the label as a means of testing the invalidation of a warranty. It provides evidence of opening by unauthorised persons. An alternative to this is the voiding label which, if removed, will result in the word ‘VOID’ appearing on both the label and product, thereby rendering the label unusable and providing indication of product tampering. The labels can be manufacture in any shape and size and in some electronic device cases the labels have been produced as small as 5mm in diameter.