Where are asset labels regularly used?

durable asset tags

A simple answer to this could be almost anywhere! If a business or organisation wishes to identify and protect their most valuable items of equipment or furnishing, then a bar coded asset label is an instant solution.

Public and private businesses

This means that schools and colleges, hospitals, retirement homes, sporting organisations, local councils or government offices can help protect both their equipment and the investment that tax payers have made. Equally, any private business can opt for this protection, whether purely as an internal security option, or where there equipment might be used, or even rented, by their customers.

If that covers a wide range of locations, the next answer to the original question might examine the items which are so protected. These can range from ones likely to come quickly to mind, such as tablets, iPads and laptops, as well as desktop computers, monitors, scanners and printers. Other electrical equipment owners, perhaps where screens, projection devices, digital cameras and the like are used, can also be protected.

Hotels and sports centresĀ 

Less obvious as an immediate answer is more specialised possibilities, such as equipment used in a hotel health centre or sports club. Sadly, it often pays to remember that anything that can be moved also has the potential to be taken!

The type of bar coded label chosen can also vary depending on the circumstances. It may be that water or tamper resistant options are required; for certain environments even chemical resistant material can be used. A range of different sizes can deliver an asset label that is just right for any style of device or piece of equipment.

With a wide range of needs, it pays to take expert advice to ensure you find the best possible asset labels for your specific requirements.